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FAK welcomes Mikro judgment, June 27, 2005 2005-07-01
The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations, the FAK, welcomes the Supreme Court of Appeal’s rejection of an appeal by the Western Cape MEC for Education to try and force Laerskool Mikro to change its language policy. This judgment is a victory for the autonomy of communities and in fact represents a small step closer to the application of the National Department’s policy of mother-tongue instruction for all South African children. The FAK hopes that the continuing pressure by provincial education departments on Afrikaans schools to anglicize in the name of greater access will cease. Currently several Afrikaans schools countrywide are subject to such pressure, with possible court action involved. The FAK appeals to provincial education departments to stop playing off the right to access against mother-tongue instruction, and to alleviate the crisis of access to quality education for all by applying themselves to make mother-tongue instruction a reality for all South African children.


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