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FAK condemns protest against Afrikaans at the University of Johannesburg (2005-02-22) 2005-02-24

The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations (FAK) condemns the unjustified student protest against instruction in Afrikaans at the University of Johannesburg the past Monday. While the FAK has sympathy with especially previously disadvantaged students that are now paying the price for poorly planned rationalization of South Africa's higher education system, Afrikaans can't be made the scapegoat for this. The FAK calls on the management of the University of Johannesburg as well as the Minister of Education to investigate measures to improve the access of the aggrieved students to quality education without further eroding the access to quality education of Afrikaans students through the further marginalization of Afrikaans at the University of Johannesburg. Measures that could be investigated to aid previously disadvantaged students, include the translation of classes into the mother tongues of those students, as well as improved instruction in other indigenous languages besides Afrikaans.


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