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Solus Christus

skrywer: Jaco de Beer

plek: Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap
Jaco de Beer
My thoughts about Land Expropriation without Compensation
I am taking a brave step here to think about Land Expropriation without Compensation from a Biblical worldview. These are not my final thoughts because this topic is big and complex and need careful thinking to do things according to God's will. What ultimately governs Christian thinking should be the glory of God and His Word ALONE - not man's ideas. You should try to understand my heart and thinking behind this.Below are some points and steps I would like propose how to deal with Land Expropriation without Compensation.1. Restitution is a Biblical concept and part of repentance (Luke 19:8).2. The law of God teaches that if you have stolen something, you must be judged by a court of law

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