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African Library: Congo Inc: Bismarck's testament by In Koli Jean Bofane
Congo Inc: Bismarck's testament In Koli Jean Bofane Publisher: Indiana University Press ISBN: 9780253031907 African Library: Entry no 125 To give readers a sense of the wide reach of In Koli Jean Bofane’s brilliant choice of title for his novel [originally published in French in 2014; the present discussion uses the English translation by Marjolijn de Jager], it is best to start by citing a fairly long extract that appears fairly late in the narrative: The algorithm Congo Inc had been created at the moment that Africa was being chopped up in Berlin between November 1884 and February 1885.1 Under [the Belgian King] Leopold II’s sharecropping,2 they had hastily developed it so they could supply the whole world with rubber

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