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Vrystaat Kunstefees

skrywer: Vryfees

plek: Bloemfontein, Vrystaat
Wanneer: 8 Jul 2018 tot 14 Jul 2018
Vrystaat Kunstefees/Arts Festival/Tsa-Botjhaba
The Vrystaat Arts Festival, a core Afrikaans language celebration, is on its way to become one of the key international arts festivals on the African continent. Bloemfontein has all the ingredients to ensure this success, as we are centrally located, have excellent transport options (including an international airport), brilliant accommodation to choose from, and some of the best theatre and technical infrastructure of any secondary city in Africa. Most importantly we have a creative pool of local and national talent whose mark is clearly being felt on the world stage. In addition to this talented cohort of artists, more than 40 international writers, poets and cultural workers are involved in the offerings on our programme. They are coming from as far away as Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Ghana, Holland, Nigeria, Namibia, Lesotho, Senegal, Singapore, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, the UK and the US. We also welcome a significant number of international visitors for the inaugural Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE), thanks to its founding sponsor the National Afrikaans Theatre Initiative (NATi). PACE starts the Vrystaat Arts Festival as a three-day provocation for the interdisciplinary arts on the continent to facilitate discussion on African cultural development. This year we also host the first South African Arts and Health Summit, an initiative addressing the need for increased collaboration between the arts and health communities. The summit will explore new health and arts partnerships and connect cultural practitioners interested in community well-being. The Vrynge festival has grown in leaps and bounds, offering a record number of productions and workshops. From emerging artists testing the water to professional practitioners presenting new works in progress, artist open studio tours and new short films, you will leap into several possible cultural futures with every Vrynge production this year. The Vrystaat Literature Festival has established itself as one of the key international literary events in the country, with writers and poets this year dealing in particular with notions of migration and cultural mobility. Not to be missed under any circumstances. Public Art Projects (PAP) and Vrywees bring the best of site specific productions to the city centre and the campus of the University of the Free State. Every event will surprise and challenge our sense of what can be done in public space. Lastly, we have an enormous programme of some of the best theatre, music, visual arts, film, performing art, live art , experimental art, craft and food art this country has to offer – often in collaboration with international partners. You will be left breathless at what the creative minds in this programme have come up with to entertain and delight as well as help us grapple with some of the most complex problems we face as human beings on this delicate and fragile planet of ours. Do not miss out on any of this! Dr Ricardo Peach, Festival Director

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